Captain Jack's Log - November 2018

By Captain Jack | November 21, 2018

Hi There !

So, it’s been a good few months since I was head-hunted by our directors to come and help oversee training here at Seahaven Maritime Academy. Young though I might be for a sea dog, I’ve already been promoted to Captain. This has involved a substantial wage increase and I’m earning far more treats, hearty meals and attention than I ever did in my last job.

The last job didn’t pay very highly at all and, well, to be honest it was a dog’s life. Seriously, I must have been barking mad to have put up with it for so long. Not so here at the academy and I’m rapidly panting my way to ever higher heights, doggedly working hard and very much enjoying meeting so many wonderful students from around the world.

We have students visit from everywhere; India, America, China, I lose count. Last week we had one chap in from the Isle of Dogs. Now that’s somewhere I really must visit one day, sounds like my kind of town.

Our Courses

I’m learning all the time and I can say that I’m always seeing students hard at work, also learning valuable new skills. They’re often wearing funny clothes and masks and doing different things with fire, bandages and ropes. Sometimes I see them sitting at desks for long periods of time. They always look happy and pleased with what the instructors are teaching them. Funny creatures these humans, but they’re always very nice to me and give me pats and cuddles so I can’t really complain.

I’ve learned that these activities are called “courses” and that they make people very much more informed and safe when enjoying leisure activities or in the workplace. I have to say that, as a sea dog, this sounds like a very good idea so I’m always keen to help and encourage them to learn by sitting patiently during times when people are studying.

If you move your mouse with your paw (sorry, your hand) and click on the links below, you can see our lists of RYA and Professional courses:-

RYA Courses
Professional Courses

There are lots of courses to choose from. More than anybody, even a young sea dog like me, could wish for.

Our Team

So, moving swiftly along, as only a Border Collie can, let’s talk about the team. Well, I must say, the instructors are always very busy. Steve, Mike, Mark, Spencer, Stuart, Peter and Chris never seem to stop and really love their jobs, training our students. We have Sam in the office, keeping the wheels turning smoothly and Peter, who mostly walks around with shiny things in his hands, tools I think they call them.

They’re a great bunch to work with and they’re always giving me treats. If you click on the link below, you can learn more about them.

Click here to Meet the Team

Bye for Now

That’s it for this post. Now that I’ve introduced myself, please keep looking in for more from me in the coming weeks as I reveal more about my adventures here at Seahaven Maritime Academy in my Captain’s Log. Please also comment in the Facebook section below to let me know how I’m doing. No dog puns please. Well, maybe a few wouldn’t hurt.

If you’re considering a career on the water, at Seahaven Maritime Academy we offer a variety of courses including the STCW Basic Safety Training Package.

Even this canine is impressed with the fair price as the total cost of the above course is only £590 (including VAT).

If you would like further information then please feel free to get in touch, or if you’re ready to get started take a look at our upcoming course dates.

That’s all from me for now so, until next time, ciao !!!

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Captain Jack
Senior Maritime Canine Officer

Jack is the youngest member of the team, but very much in charge, and likes to meet everybody personally to see how they are getting along with their coursework at the academy. His intuitive canine wisdom, impressive for such a young seafarer, always gives us paws for thought and he's always got a bone to pick if he's not happy that everybody is working very hard to provide our students with the best possible training experience.

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