Electric Ferry Service for Gothenburg

By Mike Clift | February 10, 2019

Electric Ferry Service in Gothenburg

Electric Power for the Maritime Industry

Here at Seaford Maritime Academy we like to keep our eyes on new technology and any other developments within the industry that might one day significantly impact on working scenarios. This enables us to be able to plan ahead and ensure the best possible training for our students, who will likely have to contend with any such changes. It was, therefore, that with great interest we happened upon news of a new and innovative development in inland waterway ferry technology in Northen Europe.

We learned of an electric ferry service that is being introduced into the “electriCity” transport ecosystem in Gothenburg, Sweden. This advance has been made possible because of technology from Seawork 2019 exhibitor Volvo Penta. The electrically powered ferry will be the first fully-electric ferry in the city able to complete longer, multi-stop routes along the river, and incorporate quick charging capabilities.

See the video below for more news on how the ferry is one of the first of its kind and it is hoped that this project will lead a new revolution in electrically powered craft on inland waterways and larger ocean going vessels.

The President of Volvo Penta had this to say…

We fully support "electriCity's" ambition to bring Gothenburg to life by connecting people across the city in a sustainable way. Volvo Penta has an advantage when it comes to electromobility.
– Björn Ingemanson, President of Volvo Penta

Keeping our eyes out for new developments in the Maritime Industry is something we take very seriously. We are here to help and have a first class reputation for training our students and preparing them in the best manner possible for a career at sea.

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