All About STCW - Why It Matters

By Steve Brand | February 13, 2019

All about STCW

What is STCW?

STCW stands for Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping. It is a global standard of training and it’s important to you if you wish to work in the Maritime Industry.

STCW ensures that a consistent standard of training exists across all nations of the world. Maritime personnel in positions of responsibility are required to have STCW training wherever they are from, be that Europe Africa, America or anywhere else across the globe.

Who requires STCW Training?

If you wish to work in the Maritime Industry on commercial vessels over 24 metres long then you will have to obtain a qualification in various STCW courses. These will vary depending on the kind of position that you wish to take up.

As a bare minimum you must have taken and passed the STCW Basic Safety Courses to be allowed to work on a ship. You can generally take these courses over a period of around one week.

There are five basic STCW courses and you can read more about these by following the links at the foot of this article.

Other information on STCW

The entire STCW Basic Safety Course can be booked as a complete package with the convenience of taking the exams in one block. This will consist of four or five modules and will save you all the time, money and inconvenience of having to take them one at a time. This will ensure that you have all the qualifications you need to work on board a ship as a professionally qualified mariner.

We are here to help and have a first class reputation for training our students and preparing them in the best manner possible for a career at sea. This includes the provision of first class STCW training.

Our STCW Training Courses

Seahaven Maritime Academy, based at The Port of Newhaven in East Sussex, is the ideal place for training for a professional career at sea on board all manner of ships. The links below will provide you with more detail on the five basic STCW training courses and also our STCW Basic Training Package:-

Click here for our STCW Personal Safety and Social Responsibility Course.

Click here for our STCW Proficiency in Security Awareness Course.

Click here for our STCW Elementary First Aid Course.

Click here for our STCW Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting Course.

Click here for our STCW Personal Survival Techniques Course.

Click here for our STCW Basic Training Package.

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