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Customer Testimonials

Statements from some of our many satisfied students...

"Just completed my STCW course with Seahaven marine academy and can’t praise them enough. Professional down to earth instructors, teaching in a fun and friendly manner. I’ve been working offshore for over 25years and In an age where safety accreditation can cost the earth, these guys have the best prices I found anywhere and are several hundred pounds cheaper than their competitors which is ideal for those people just entering the marine industry and self-funding their training. I really can’t recommend this company enough. 5 stars all round. "

Martin Peters

"Thanks very much for all your help, Steve! Top notch mate! Looking forward to receiving the certificates!"

Jethro Jon Atkins

"So that's the end of a fantastic 5 days training with professional people who look after u talk to you and explain in depth of what you are doing day to day. I'd like to thank Steve & Mike for all your help from Andrew, and John McLoughlin Shipping Ltd thanks again."

Andrew Clements

"Steve was great. He kept everyone working despite big differences in the speed of learning (for sure it took me some time!) and that made it easier to concentrate when others were finished. Steve’s no BS approach kept the information to learn concise and each time he explained something it was done without superfluous reams of extra information but with patience. Thanks masses!

I would like to let you know that I think Steve is a superb instructor. He made me feel relaxed and capable and he has a pleasant way of teaching and guiding."

James Prince

"The teacher Steve was THE BEST. I am a hard student and he did great teaching for me. In general I can´t explain ... I am so very thankful to you and I send you all my best, because YOU ARE THE BEST!"

Jules Duchemin

"Fantastic 5 five days at the Academy, unreal experience with great and very professional stuff ? couldn't ask for a nicer bunch of people. Great resources and facilities at Seahaven Academy and at the end of it all you feel part of the team. ?"

Marc Gilbert

"If you're looking for training course for the Maritime Industry then look no further than these guys. I've had trouble in the past with learning and was nervous about passing the course but the support I had was second to none. The facilities were great and I'm going back in a few months time for more tuition. Great people and the training facility is easily reached by train."

Mike Saunders

"Your team delivered a fantastic course this week! Well done and thank you! All instructors were friendly, very helpful and very knowledgeable, we were all made to feel welcome."

Garry Walker

"Had a great time learning from experienced professionals at Seahaven Maritime Academy. They make training interesting and fun and I felt we were all treated as individuals. I would highly recommend them to anybody looking to get trained to work at sea."

Peter Davies


"I have made my study Master Of Yachts 200 Ton Power here with Steve and I can honestly recommend this school to all of you who wants to get this level of education and knowledge. Steve is tough and fair and he knows everything on the business."

Patu Leppala

"What a busy, stressful and hard working weeks but … I am so glad as it was very worth it! I have learnt such a lot, particularly with Steve who has been a great support to me and always there to take the time to help me understand.Thank you so much for everything; it has been a real pleasure studying with Steve."

Soizic Christian

"I completed my STCW course here and I wouldn't go anywhere else! The instructors they have are great. They are passionate about their job and taught so well that everything seemed fun and easy. It was taught at a good pace with lots of time and patience for any questions. I am confident I would be able to manage any situation they taught us. Don't go anywhere else!!"

Sarah Heckzo

"I completed my STCW 95 course at Seahaven Maritime Academy and it was a really great course with awesome teachers! Would recommend!"

Lauren Valenzuela

"The course was great but another 2 more days to help me feel more secure in the whole subject. The instructor is very good, and I wish my professor were like him when I was in college (maybe I will have stayed longer!). I am very happy to have done this course, only one question 'Why didn't I do it before'?"

Isabelle Bazile

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