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What our students are saying about our courses...

So that’s the end of a fantastic 5 days training with professional people who look after you, talk to you and explain in depth what you are doing day-to-day. I’d like to thank Steve & Mike for all your help from Andrew, and John McLoughlin Shipping Ltd. Thanks again.

Andrew Clements


Fantastic course, very professionally run by friendly, deeply knowlegable staff at a truly outstanding price. I cant rate this academy highly enough, I’ll be back! Thanks for a really great week!

Anthony Pink


Thank you very much for helping me out… You guys have been amazing, best school I’ve ever been too. I will, for sure, keep you updated. Got my Medical Eng1 in less then a month.

Bettina Jean Newton


I can’t really speak highly enough of Seahaven Maritime Academy, The instructors are excellent, they are engaging and knowledgeable compared to what I’m used to where the instructors are mostly boring safety drones. I wish Oil and Gas course were as enjoyable and hands on as the courses you guys provide. I’ll be back in 5 years for the refresher.

Craig Matheson


Your team delivered a fantastic course this week! Well done and thank you! All instructors were friendly, very helpful and very knowledgeable, we were all made to feel welcome.

Garry Walker


The course was great but another two more days to help me feel more secure in the whole subject. The instructor is very good, and I wish my professor were like him when I was in college (maybe I will have stayed longer!). I am very happy to have done this course, only one question, Why didn’t I do it before?

Isabelle Bazile


Thanks very much for all your help, Steve! Top notch, mate! Looking forward to receiving the certificates!

Jethro Jon Atkins


The teacher, Steve, was THE BEST. I am a hard student and he did great teaching for me. In general I can´t explain … I am so very thankful to you and I send you all my best, because YOU ARE THE BEST!

Jules Duchemin


I completed my STCW 95 course at Seahaven Maritime Academy and it was a really great course with awesome teachers! Would recommend!

Lauren Valenzuela


Fantastic 5 five days at the Academy, unreal experience with great and very professional stuff ? couldn’t ask for a nicer bunch of people. Great resources and facilities at Seahaven Academy and at the end of it all you feel part of the team.

Marc Gilbert


Just completed my STCW course with Seahaven Maritime Academy and can’t praise them enough. Professional down to earth instructors, teaching in a fun and friendly manner. I’ve been working offshore for over 25 years and In an age where safety accreditation can cost the earth, these guys have the best prices I found anywhere and are several hundred pounds cheaper than their competitors which is ideal for those people just entering the marine industry and self-funding their training. I really can’t recommend this company enough. 5 stars all round.

Martin Peters


As a complete beginner I thought this would be a little jaunt in a nice little boat, handshake and a certificate. No way near. From the outset, these guys are very professional, know what they are doing, put you at ease and are all very friendly. I learnt a great deal over my two day course and am now confident that I will be able to enjoy the holiday I have booked even more (we have booked a RIB for a few days). Well worth every penny. I cannot recommend these guys enough! Thank you!!

Mike Cranfield


If you’re looking for training course for the Maritime Industry then look no further than these guys. I’ve had trouble in the past with learning and was nervous about passing the course but the support I had was second to none. The facilities were great and I’m going back in a few months time for more tuition. Great people and the training facility is easily reached by train.

Mike Saunders


I have made my study Master Of Yachts 200 Ton Power here with Steve and I can honestly recommend this school to all of you who wants to get this level of education and knowledge. Steve is tough and fair and he knows everything on the business.

Patu Leppala


Had a great time learning from experienced professionals at Seahaven Maritime Academy. They make training interesting and fun and I felt we were all treated as individuals. I would highly recommend them to anybody looking to get trained to work at sea.

Peter Davies



Just to let you know the Monday after my STCW training back last November I was put in contact with a yacht for potential employment. After 6 long weeks of intensive interviews, security checks and visa applications I have successfully been given the position of ETO on-board my new boat. I start next week and can’t wait! I’d like to thank you and the team for the training and I will be back for additional courses to keep enhancing my CV and knowledge.

Richard Georgiou


Steve and his team are amazing; the whole course was brilliant. They put a personal, family feel to every day. Big shout out to Pete and Kev on Fire Training, the wealth of experience and training they gave me was unreal, loved the 2 days. The physical was like The Crystal Maze on steroids, lol, and for someone with asthma I had no problems and felt safe the whole time. Chris, First Aid was brilliant with fake blood and everything. And, Tim, thank you all for everything. The price of this course is the best in the country. Well done to Seahaven Maritime, looking forward to coming back.

Russell Ally


I completed my STCW course here and I wouldn’t go anywhere else! The instructors they have are great. They are passionate about their job and taught so well that everything seemed fun and easy. It was taught at a good pace with lots of time and patience for any questions. I am confident I would be able to manage any situation they taught us. Don’t go anywhere else!!

Sarah Heckzo


What a busy, stressful and hard working weeks but I am so glad as it was very worth it! I have learnt such a lot, particularly with Steve who has been a great support to me and always there to take the time to help me understand. Thank you so much for everything; it has been a real pleasure studying with Steve.

Soizic Christian


I want to say a massive thank you to everyone at Seahaven for a wonderful week on the STCW course. I was really nervous and apprehensive going into the first day not knowing what to expect and fearing that I was going to be scared of everything. I shouldn’t have worried. All of the trainers made me feel so comfortable. The atmosphere was relaxed and friendly but yet we could still be serious and get the things done we needed to. I learnt so much over the course of the week but enjoyed myself even more. I am absolutely petrified of fire and enclosed spaces but with the constant support of Mark, Spencer and Pete I put these fears behind me and really threw myself into everything. I felt calm, supported but most importantly safe at all times during the course. I think the value for money of the course is outstanding and one of the best and most informative courses I have ever been on. Thank you everyone for your care, support and teaching. I will definitely be recommending Seahaven to all my dancer and prancer friends joining ships in the future.

Anabelle Rees


I think the service your company provides is amazing and it was a refreshing experience to have quality trainers that were capable of passing on the pertinent knowledge. In my opinion this is an academy that focuses on what’s important and because you’ve cut away the “ailments of bureaucracy” you can provide such a great experience at an affordable price. Thank you so much, the whole STCW course has been a highlight on my trip to Europe; even though it’s technically something I need for work I consider it another adventure within my travels!



Your School Represents OUTSTANDING Value for Money. The Quality of your facilities, the equipment, the classrooms are excellent. The quality of your Instructors and their ability to constantly reaffirm the key vital facts is outstanding. It wasn’t just easy to pass the exams BUT I actually remember all the key information that might save my life one day.

The final fire simulation was the most realistic and exhilarating excercise I have ever done in yachting whilst being 100% safe. You all operate a warm, friendly and fun environment which made for a very enjoyable learning experience. I will be recommending your course to All Yachtie newbies and not just because it is so much cheaper than every other STCW School in the world.

Andy Rowe


I had the great opportunity to do my STCW course at the Seahaven Maritime Academy, great teacher and staff, ready to help you with anything you need, I personally had some problems at the beginning of the course and they were ready to help me and thank to them I’ve solved everything without losing any money, they are kind and very helpful. All the Teachers and staff are high qualified and ready to hear you out if have any question or doubt, they also know how to make the lesson fun, I personally have laughed a lot and learned even more!!!

I also wanna say that if you have any problems with any of the practical lessons, the teacher will help you to find in yourself the courage to do it, they will prepare you step by step to give your best and all in a secure environment. ah! also you if come from a foreign country and your english is not perfect the will help you to understand better. I couldn’t be more happy and thankful!

Alessia Serra


Very welcoming environment with excellent trainers, all of which were passionate about their subject, held attention and made learning fun and engaging. Chris in particular provided the best first aid course I’ve ever attended and I feel much more confident in my ability to deal with a real life situation. It was also great to gain insight to Instructors real life experiences with their anecdotes. Tea coffee and snack provisions were much better than expected and a really lovely touch, as was the Thursday afternoon drink - thank you again. 100% would recommend to anyone and will be back in 5 years time for sure.



I had such a good experience. I took this course over a month ago and I’m still in shock that I actually completed it. I felt very safe throughout the whole week even though I was terrified (I was not looking forward to the firefighting but was pleasantly surprised). The way that the firefighting and the first aid were taught was done in an engaging way so much so that I still remember what I was taught.

If anyone I know wants to do the STCW I could not recommend seahaven academy enough to them. I also felt as if everyone (both instructors and office personnel) genuinely cared about the students and were not solely interested in churning out STCW certificates. I will always look back fondly on my week at seahaven - thank you very much !

Hannah Coles


The course was far above my expectations. The friendliness and professionalism of all the staff is noteworthy. Juliette was the perfect instructor to start the course with her years of experience at sea combined with her enthusiasm really put all us ‘newbies’ at ease and she made what could have been “De’Ath by PowerPoint” very interesting.

As a doctor I have both attended and taught first aid but the first aid taught by Chris was without exception the best course I have ever experienced. He has a great personality and teaching manner. The equipment provided eg. CPR monitor and the realism of the scenarios was exceptional, I would happily be treated if I were a casualty by Chris or anyone he has taught.

I was most anxious about the firefighting aspect of the course after horror stories from my crew and witnessing a man who poured fuel over himself and set himself alight in Nigeria when I was a kid. The combination of Tim & Kevin was perfect. The ‘good cop,bad cop’ works well both Tim and Kevin are very good instructors with a great sense humour - not easy with such a serious subject - just enough push outside our comfort zones, totally confidence inspiring. Peter who helped on the second day is fantastic, an instructor in the making? I have come away with a great understanding of fire prevention and if the worst came to the worst firefighting. Sea survival was again very well taught under difficult circumstances due to COVID-19 although I personally enjoyed being in the sea.

I’ve thought hard about improvements but in all honesty I can’t think of anything.

You guys did a great job under difficult circumstances with social distancing, so well done. You are 100% best value for money and I will be returning to do further training in the future.

Many thanks to all of you for a most enjoyable week.

Symone Dahl-Meadows