Christmas on Cruise Ships

By Mike Clift | December 18, 2018

Yuletide Luxury

What better way could there possibly be to enjoy the season of goodwill than at sea on a luxury cruise ship? Traditionally the preserve of the well-heeled, Christmas spent relaxing on the ocean waves has often proved an irresistible attraction for many.

Albeit that cruise ships spend much of their time many hundreds of miles out at sea, Santa is always sure to find you. The experience of getting away from the everyday stresses and strains of life on dry land can be the ideal way to recharge for the demanding new year ahead. If you can get close relatives and friends to come along too for the party then all the better.

Later in this article, we'll be touching upon an ideal way to cruise at Christmas and actually get paid for doing so.

Reasons to cruise at Christmas

For all the luxury and relaxation to be had on a seasonal cruise, is it really such a great idea? Actually it is, and there are many reasons as why you might want to do so.

There will be ample entertainment and, let's face it, during Christmas and New Year we all like to sit back and be entertained, or maybe dance the night away with loved ones and friends. At various ports of call you'll have plenty of opportunity to visit some amazing places. Even if Christmas present giving might end up being delayed for a week or two, it's always nice to have interesting and exotic gifts to give out when you eventually arrive back home from your festive cruise.

You'll enjoy the bright and cheerful decorations on board ship and you can also get stuck into a delicious Christmas dinner instead of having to trouble yourself with all that hard work and slaving away in the kitchen for a change.

There will be magical and memorable moments to be had during your time at sea on a luxury cruise at this special time of year. You'll be able to enjoy all of the traditional aspects of Christmas but be spared the cold temperatures of Winter. You'll be able to indulge yourself in fun and relaxing activities such as swimming and sun bathing.

Whether you’re on a brief weekend getaway or a long cruise, you’ll get to experience all the joys and pleasures of the Christmas season and New Year.

How to enjoy a Christmas cruise for free

One way to experience the festive season at sea on a luxury cruise ship or superyacht is to apply for a job aboard such a vessel.

There are a number of positions available and the best way to be successful when applying for such a position is to take the appropriate maritime courses.

We are here to help and have a first class reputation for training our students and preparing them in the best manner possible for a career at sea.

Our Training Courses

Seahaven Maritime Academy, based at The Port of Newhaven in East Sussex, is the ideal place for training for a career on board cruise liners and superyachts. The links below will provide you with more detail:-

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Click here for a full list of our Professional Courses.

Click here to contact us for more information.

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