Hurricane Blocks Path to Victory – Seahaven Maritime Academy on ITV

By Mike Clift | August 23, 2018

Rowers vs Hurricane

Last we heard, blind ex-Marine Steve Sparkes and his rowing partner, Mick Dawson, had their para anchor deployed, waiting out Hurricane Lane before they can continue the last leg of their journey to the finish line in Hawaii. We understand, if all goes well, that they’ll make landfall on Sunday, latest Monday. Despite the grim weather they have been enduring, the world’s media agencies are waking up to the huge achievement about to go down in history in the name of these two amazing men.

Steve and Mick are both incredible individuals and unique competitors, Steve for his indomitable spirit in facing and conquering his disability; Mick for his incredible dedication to the task in hand and his unshakeable faith in his rowing partner. Clearly they have a very special bond and this will have played a huge part in their making it so far, now on the last leg of the Great Pacific Race.

ITV and CBS News are both covering the story, as are many other news agencies around the world. Many are eagerly awaiting further news and, here at the academy, we are looking forward to the next bulletin on their progress.

The Academy on ITV

We have worked very hard to make Seahaven Maritime Academy the respected and trusted establishment it has become in recent years. We also value our students and always do our best to train and prepare them for whatever comes their way. Image how delighted we were to see clips on ITV of Steve and Mick training at our establishment, prior to setting off on their adventure to compete on a level playing field in the Great Pacific Race?

Both men were excellent students and took their training very seriously as they know that their lives might at some point depend on it. We took it very seriously too and were very careful in making sure that we covered everything we could to best assure their safety. One thing we cannot prevent though is the unpredictable nature of the sea. We have been amazed at how Steve has coped with not being able to see the approaching waves that have on occasion been crashing down on and buffeting the boat and crew. This has resulted in some very uncomfortable moments for both men and has at times been, literally, a bruising experience.

You can see the full report in the video below which has been published to Youtube by ITV.

Please donate

All money raised will go to “Blind Veterans UK” and “The Royal Marines Charity”, two amazing charities who support current and former members of the armed forces.

To donate to these charities and support Mick and Sparky please visit the Cockleshell-Pacific Website.

Thank you in advance for anything you can contribute to these two very worthy causes in recognition of Sparky and Mick’s inspiring record breaking attempt.

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