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By Steve Brand | March 29, 2019

Training for students from all backgrounds and walks of life

We at Seahaven Maritime Academy know that the best teams are made up of a talented and diverse group of people, all playing to their individual strengths.

We train students from all over the world and pride ourselves on our ability to accommodate everybody equally with a view to making sure that all students that pass through our doors will leave with the best possible results.

We are an equal opportunities training establishment and we take our commitment to equality and inclusion at all levels very seriously.

It doesn't matter where you are from, regardless, we'll train you to the best of our ability and treat everybody equally. In the modern world, the Maritime Industry needs people with all manner of strengths and skills.

The 2019 International Labour Organisation (ILO) meeting in Geneva

More than 40 countries took part in The International Labour Organisation meeting in Geneva.

The meeting took place in March of 2019 and was held to examine ways to shed more light on the challenges that might deter people from entering or remaining in the Maritime Industry.

Some of the potentially negative issues that were identified included social communications, criminal records, intensive training and having to be away for long periods at sea. Other issues addressed were safety, stress, discrimination and loneliness.

Our role in promoting a fair and inclusive Maritime Industry

We take the issues raised and the findings of The 2019 International Labour Organisation meeting very seriously and, where applicable, do all that we can to keep them in mind when planning and carrying out our training courses.

Our senior staff are experienced, well travelled mariners and we delight in the fact that we have such a diversity of students from so many different cultures and countries around the world.

We promote mutual respect and equality for all and we demonstrate these qualities in everything we do to encourage the same positive approach to inclusive policies and the building of strong and happy teams.

The Maritime Industry is very much an international community. At sea, where safety and good communication matters, we are all family and have a duty to look after each other. You can be sure that we promote this truth at every level including management, administration and through our highly experienced and committed team of instructors.

We are here to help and have a first class reputation for training our students and preparing them in the best manner possible for a career at sea.

Our Training Courses

Seahaven Maritime Academy, based at The Port of Newhaven in East Sussex, is the ideal place for training for a career at sea. The links below will provide you with more detail:-

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Steve Brand
Managing Director

Steve is a highly experienced instructor with a long and impressive track record in safety-critical working environments. Training is much more than a job for him, it is a vocation and his dedication and care for his valued students is second to none.

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